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Neulich im Feedreader… (Teil II) – Hirn frisst Buch, wiedermal GitHub und Internetfilter in Bibliotheken

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Ich bin noch etwas im Nachurlaubsmodus, allerdings hat der Ironblogger Bot schon höflich nach einem Artikel für diese Woche gefragt. Na ja, dann schaue ich mal was sich in meinen RSS Feeds so getan hat…

The processual sculpture PANCREAS transforms books into sugar (glucose) that feeds human brain cells. The books’ paper is shredded, soaked in water, and pressed into an artificial intestine (fermenter), in which bacteria break the cellulose down into glucose. After filtering and purifying, the glucose is fed to the cells growing inside a glass tank (brain in a vat). The feeding of the artificial brain follows a strict diet: the brain food consists exclusively of Hegel’s „Phenomenology of Spirit“. PANCREAS is a pataphysical machine that uses biotechnologies in order to translate language and books, that is symbols and data, into matter and flesh. Glucose, as a universal fuel of life, which all cells, especially brain cells, feed from, becomes the artistic material for PANCREAS (Gr. pánkreas, pán = “all”, kréas = “flesh”).

“The open, collaborative workflow we have created for software development is so appealing that it’s gaining traction for non-software projects that require significant collaboration,” says GitHub cofounder and CEO Tom Preston-Werner.

Written by Peter

September 8, 2013 at 1:14 pm

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