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Neulich im Feedreader (Teil XI): Sommer, Scholar, ELAG …

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So, bis zur nächsten Konferenz gibt es hier im Blog wieder Normalprogramm…

As part of the Summer of Archives, DPLA will be digging deep into its archives to post OC gems from its massive collection of content into the gallery. In addition to these posts, there’ll also be chances for the Imgurian community to get involved, and to Q&A with historians and other folks participating with us.

Libraries tend to see themselves as intermediaries between information and the public, between creators and consumers of information. Looking back at the ELAG 2014 conference at the University of Bath however, I can’t get the image out of my head of libraries standing in the way between information and consumers.

  • libraries hacked
    Der Titel klingt jetzt etwas beängstigend, es geht aber nicht um Sicherheitsprobleme in Bibliotheken:

hacks and hacking are terms frequently being used to describe the process of creating new technological solutions, often in an ad-hoc manner, either within teams or from individuals.

the site has two aims: to advertise and promote hacks within libraries, and to provide a directory of library data, hardware, and software tools that could be used in hacks.

Die Website ist erst neu gestartet und eher auf Großbritannien fokussiert, die Liste der APIs und offenen Datensammlungen ist aber bereits ganz interessant. Tutorials und Artikel sollen noch folgen.

Written by Peter

Juni 23, 2014 um 8:15 am

Veröffentlicht in Google, Konferenzen, Programmierung

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