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Neulich im Feedreader (Teil IX): Gut abgehangene Ratschläge, GitHub und literarische Rätsel…

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So, diese Rubrik gab es hier schon länger nicht mehr…

I play a bit of football in the park with my friends, and it’s not regulation NFL American Football or anything, but I’m curious if it’s cool when going for a punt to start a game, a friend of mine likes to pull the ball at the last possible second. She says it’s a big joke and my other friends laugh a bit too so maybe I’m just being too sensitive. Are there rules I can point her to showing this isn’t allowed?
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Long story short, I’ve been away a long time, but it’s time to go home. I need to get from Troy to Ithaca ASAP, but don’t trust my old map and my transportation is not always reliable either. Any tips for finding the best, most direct route and avoid annoying traffic snarls and other delays? Difficulty: No GPS. [more inside]
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April 7, 2014 at 9:23 pm