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Neulich im Feedreader (Teil VIII): Viel Serendipity, etwas GitHub und langfristiger Bestandsaufbau

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Bevor wieder hier so was wie der Fasching beginnt noch einige Links:

Serendipity has always struck me as a gloriously onomatopoeic word – sort of serendipity-doo-dah, zip-a-dee-ay. The New Oxford Dictionary says it means the „occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way“.

In a newspaper it describes those moments when the reader’s eye alights on a story or feature that unexpectedly captures his or her interests, discovered simply by the natural progression through a finite number of pages.

  • Planning for Serendipity
    Auch die DPLA beschäftigt sich mit Serendipity und sieht folgende Voraussetzungen:

    • Generous interfaces that take advantage of proximity
    • Quick access and assessment.
    • Good data and invisible connections.

    Ein weiterer wichtiger Punkt ist auch das Vorhandensein von Programmierschnittstellen:

Of course, we can’t plan completely for serendipity. And that’s where having an application programming interface (API) andopen data is extremely helpful—it encourages others to experiment in ways that create new interfaces, views, and tools. Each of those will, at some point and in their own way, connect someone with what they didn’t know they were looking for.

As we near completion on the construction at the new Long Now space in Fort Mason, we are also building the collection of books that will reside here. We have named this collection The Manual for Civilization, and it will include the roughly 3000 books you would most want to rebuild civilization. … So… If you were stranded on an island (or small hostile planetoid), what books would YOU want to have with you?

Written by Peter

Februar 24, 2014 um 8:36 pm

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